About Concierge Membership

Concierge patients pay an annual fee for membership in Dr. Owens’ Family Practice. With a smaller, more intimate practice, Dr. Owens is able to focus his time and attention on the personalized, specialized care of each of his patients. Your membership includes direct access and personal contact with Dr. Owens that works around your schedule. This includes same-day appointments, phone consultations, and the doctor’s personal cell phone number for after-hours emergencies. Concierge Membership gives you the peace of mind knowing your doctor is there when you need him. Your membership will allow also you and Dr. Owens to build the plan for your overall healthcare. Among countless other benefits, your extensive annual physicals, your highly personalized preventative care and specialist referrals are all included in your membership.

Membership Cost

A one year membership to Dr. Owens’ Concierge Family Practice is $1,800. This annual fee covers all your care from Dr. Owens for (12) months. Patients may also choose a monthly payment option. Both options offer special rates for Couples and Children. Please see the chart below for details.

The annual or monthly membership fee is paid directly to Dr. Owens. A high deductible insurance plan is recommended as a patient’s retainer covers only the services provided by Dr. Owens. Patients will need health insurance, for example, to cover lab tests, appointments with specialists, surgical procedures or hospitalization.

You may join Dr. Owens’ Concierge Family Practice at any time during the year. Membership is based on an annual contract payable at the start of the membership period. Monthly payment plans are also available through auto debit. Checks, cash and major credit cards are accepted.

Concierge Family Practice Fee Schedule

IndividualsCouplesChildren (Dependents Under 18)

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