Frequently Asked Questions

What is Concierge Medicine?
The Concierge Medicine model allows doctors to maintain a smaller practice that provides patients direct access to their physician. Members pay an annual or monthly fee, which provides substantial appointment times, same-day visits and their doctor’s personal cell phone number. Patients will see a significant difference in the amount of time they spend with Dr. Owens, the access they have to him and the specialized care he provides for his patients’ overall healthcare. Most importantly, patients will have peace of mind knowing their doctor will be there for them when they need him. It’s the way Dr. Owens believes practicing medicine was meant to be.

Is Concierge Medicine new?
While Concierge Medicine has been around for more than 20 years, this direct-access model has been gaining traction across the country and particularly in the Sacramento region during the past five years. Read more…Healthline News: The Future of Healthcare Could Be in Concierge Medicine.

Do I keep my health insurance when I enroll with Dr. Owens?
Yes. While you will not use your health insurance with Dr. Owens, you will keep your insurance to cover your medical care and medical needs outside of Dr. Owens’ office. Patients keep their health insurance for lab work, X-rays, specialists, surgical procedures and hospitalizations.

How do I join? 
Please call our office at (916) 451-2400 so we can walk you through Dr. Owens’ Concierge program or schedule an appointment to meet Dr. Owens in person. We look forward to welcoming you to the practice.